A. Ceremony Fee

  • Pulpit /Ceremony Fee: Any Venue

  • In my office with 2 witnesses:

    R500.00 - Short Procedure.

    (Monday to Thursday)

  • In my office with 2 witnesses:

    R950.00 - Full Ceremony

    (Monday to Thursday)

  • In my office with 2 witnesses:


    (Sat, Sun, Public Holidays, Valentines Day)

  • Deposit

    R400.00 – Non Refundable

    (Deductible from service fee)

  • Pre-Wedding Meeting

    No Charge

    At my Office

  • Pre-Wedding Meeting

    R750.00 + Travel

    Travel to your place of choice

  • Rehearsal

    R750.00 + Travel

    (Not compulsory only on special request)

  • Outstanding balance

    To be paid to the pastor who will conduct your wedding ceremony, in FULL when you meet to discuss the wedding ceremony before the wedding.


    YOUR FIRST NAMES & DATE OF THE WEDDING e.g.: John/Ann 261004

  • Legalities

    No Charge

    Handwritten Marriage certificate and registration of marriage

  • Abridged (Official) Marriage


    Certificate Printed from Home Affairs

  • Unabridged Marriage Certificate: All Foreigners


    Includes Unabridged Marriage Certificate from Home Affairs plus An Apostil from Foreign Affairs

B. Traveling Fees

1 - 40 KM
41 - 80 KM
81 - 120 KM
121 - >?
On Request
(Covers the cost to and from the venue)
We reserve the right to make changes at any time, depending on the fuel price.
Toll fees will be added as necessary
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