We can offer the following services to you as a couple:

  • We can facilitate your wedding in English and/or Afrikaans
  • We can offer Pre Marriage Guidance/ What to expect when wed…
  • We also offer Couple counseling
  • Then there is a few specialized options:

A. Breakfast sessions for couples - customized topics.

Popular Topics:


    1. Issues or ingredients…
    2. Feel the flames
    3. Stand strong
    4. Keep the lid on.

Cupcakes for breakfast

    1. Healthy habits
    2. Speaking to her heart
    3. Speak to his pants
    4. I am your best option

What flavor will work with this cut.

    1. How to have a good fight
    2. The best comeback line
    3. Because it is called love

Just add water

    1. Your ‘s, mine and our kids
    2. World war 3 or 4…
    3. When planets collide magic happens..