It's a great honor to be part of your big day. We want to make sure that it will be the most beautiful and memorable one! Therefor we will do everything possible to make you feel at ease and very special with your unique wedding experience.

Our team consists nationally of +/- 40 Pastors / Marriage Officers. We strive to provide a professional and very exquisite service even on this side of your wedding arrangements. Our team prides itself in presenting you as the couple with a“we-have-this-one” experience.

So lets look at some detail:

  • The first confirmed (by deposit) booking will be reserved for Cois.
  • Please complete the booking and information forms and return preferably via e-mail. The original completed and signed forms and all other documentation can be handed to the marriage officer when you meet to discuss the ceremony.
  • When you have decided to make use of our service and returned the booking forms, all we need is confirmation that the deposit has been paid.
  • We then need to meet each other prior to the wedding, to discuss the ceremony and make sure that all the documentation is in place and within the last week before the wedding to complete the register and take fingerprints.
  • Please make an appointment to meet with the Marriage Officer at his office before the wedding date, to finalize the format of the ceremony and make sure that all required documentation has been submitted.
  • If it is absolutely impossible for you to meet the Marriage Officer at his office or you insist on a rehearsal at the wedding venue, an extra fee will be charged.
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