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As an vibrant international award winning film & music production company, we have a deep passion for stories, and what a story there is to tell of love. What we're doing is quite narrowly focused activity, so we have so carefully and lovingly carried out our passion. In fact, we still do not want to call what we do work. For us so far it's a passion.Each of us, share in the most unspeakable emotions and feelings of this special day, as we were on our own wedding day.
We fully understand and recognize how important the event is to the couple. It is one of the most important days in their lives, and their unique smiles and tears of happiness and pleasant excitement they share with friends and relatives. We are there to keep these feelings alive for many more years as only video can.Each couple is unique, so we spend time with them at our office and on the phone in order to understand them and get the information required to deliver the best quality imprinted image of their wedding day. Your children will see it and it will warm you and make you feel the magic of the very first kiss as a married couple. Recall the precious words from friends and family… We believe that this is much more than just a video.
We are committed to do much more than capturing your wedding day. We like directing your love story through beautiful cinematic videography and crafted editing.