What Does a Marriage Officer Do

We do not go for the boring, and longwinded but for the short, uplifting and inspirational.  (Unless we are requested to do otherwise!)  Many couples ask (and rightly so) “what does the marriage officer do?”

Most I know, do 6 of the under mentioned. I do all.

  1. I, am responsible for informing you of the different legal contracts you can enter into at marriage and the implications of each on your Personal and business life. I believe you should make an informed choice.
  2. I make sure that everything is in line with the legal requirements as far as your marriage is concerned.
  3. I help you to plan the ceremony (at the pre marriage meeting) to suite your requirements.
  4. I am at the venue at least 30 minutes in advance to coordinate the ceremony with the musicians, the groom, best man and who ever else to make sure that we all know the procedure.
  5. I lead the ceremony and see to it that the program flows fluently.
  6. I do the sermon/motivational in such a way that every person present finds it stimulating, informative and memorable.
  7. I am responsible for the preparation of all the paperwork as required by law.
  8. I issue you with a marriage certificate.
  9. I personally register your marriage at the Department of Home Affairs (the law only requires me to post.
  10. I travel to and fro to your venue.
  11. I patiently wait, if you are late for the appointment.
  12. A lot of this happens after hours.

In total, I spend approximately 7 hours and in some cases even more time on a couple.